A new sound is being created here. Born from years of devotion to the Power of Mantra and Sound, Jenica Lake and Arthur Kody are working to create pure connection between chant and beat.  May the Sounds Move YOU as they have moved us in their creation. The Sounds you hear come the from the base of Sanskrit, Gurmuhki and Eqyptian.  How do humans invoke the Divine Feminine through the ages? How can we clarify our minds and hearts of the debris found within the toxic state of our outer environment? Mantra when activated clears the mind of self-defeating patterns, making room for new choices based in pure intention to be made.


Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

An invocation to the Goddess Lakshmi. She is the divine representation of Beauty & Abundance. Often depicted with four arms, she is a master of the four directions. She holds an ever unfolding Lotus in upper hands, lotus symbolize the ability to grow expansive beauty from even the murkiest of places. In her left arm a vessel, representing that her own vessel and needs are cared for, a reserve of her own flow is retained for her good. Her right hand opens to reveal a cascading fountain of abundance, that from her All Beings may discover their own inherent worth, that all needs and desires may flow easily forward. She stands open feet upon a Lotus, the jewel of her own creation.

In the connection I have had to the particular energy of Lakshmi I have felt a swift nourishment of my own needs based in the resourcefulness that existed naturally in my environment. It didn’t take money to feel of this energy. Instead it was a deep dive of TRUST into the gifts that were inherent in me. This naturally connected me to Arthur Kody and as he felt of the intention that SHE came with, Lakshmi was born through us, Her own creation as we channeled.

May this Sound MOVE YOU.

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Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, they march before us as we approach our inner obstacles.  Considered the first mantra to attempt on the Sanskrit pathway, because it puts the mantra speaker in a state of mind where possibility exists.  When we as humans attempt to fight or resist our challenges and obstacles we are in a state of non-acceptance.  The repetition of this mantra allows for our minds to quiet on the quest for solutions and instead rest into a state of trust that answers are already on their way to greet us, unwinding within us to have the clarity and courage to choose powerfully within our challenges.

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Om Mani Padme Hum.

For me, this chant represents the lotus flower, blooming out of murky waters. It reminds me that, even in my darkest times, I, too, can rise from icky circumstances, unfold my petals, and become something beautiful.

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Receive your own Breath of Life, a vocal meditation that creates connection of Body + Mind + Spirit by the power of your OWN voice and vibration.

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