Reiki is the energy of the universe. We all live and operate according to the principles of how the universe works in natural harmony with itself. A person attuned to reiki energy has the ability to connect to this universal energy and focus it for healing and cooperative flow. Through crystal reiki and intuition, I’m able to find the root of suffering within an individual. Together, we can transform and HEAL these roots, rather than simply treating symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swings, panic attacks, or other ailments. We can work together to integrate your past with your present and assist you to return to your voice, awaken your inner truth, and claim your peace and joy in this life.

now to joy - $555

Now to Joy is a time of emotional healing. During our sessions, we will connect your current patterns with difficulties from the past and create coping skills and tools to help turn your discomforts into personal understanding. We will heal to the root of your prevailing issues with integration therapy to offer closure around difficulties and trauma experienced. I will assist you in creating connections between your emotions, mind, and physical body through reiki therapy. This package includes 4 sessions, 90 minutes each, in which we will use reiki, crystals, healing vibration, intuitive readings, soul integration, and consultation to ground into the emotions of now and move you towards joy. Through these sessions, we will bring what is out of balance into alignment once again and move you, now, to joy.
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unlocking intuition - $888

This package is for those who are ready for their next step into intuitive living. Once peace is felt and retained in the body we can begin to discern how our intuition works individually for us, Now to Joy will bring this peace and prepare you to truly Unlock your inner knowing. Unlocking Intuition is a personal attunement to Reiki to assist you in discovering your talents, connecting with yourself, gaining clarity and grounding, and unlocking your own truth-seeing discernment. Connection to your own divine energy allows you to see the divine in all things, connecting to your personal spirit guides and learning your unique portal to the world of spirit. We will meet 4 times, 90 minutes each session, fulfilled over 6 months. During these sessions the reiki attunement will occur, mentorship in healing will be offered, instruction of how to create spiritual boundaries in work, and an individual focus on your personal gifts will be given.
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single session - $180

I also offer single sessions (90 minutes each) to assist in grounding your mind and emotions into your physical body, offering clarity and peace.
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business cohesion + synergy

I bring cohesion and voice to those who work together, clearing past tensions and assisting in creating autonomous and harmonious work environments based on synergy of talent and time. I'm available to assist in clearing energy holdings within the physical structure of the business as well as the emotional holdings that cause the flow of commerce and communication to dwindle. Working together we can create the greatest use of the talented individuals you’ve teamed with. Connect with me to learn more.
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Land has a way of speaking, the energy of land carries the stories of its past. With the intention of the owner the Land can work in cooperation with those that inhabit it. During the sale of a property, energy work is especially helpful in creating new intentions and clearing the energy of previous ownerships. Connect with me to learn more.
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If you have questions about any of my offerings or you want to book a session, please get in touch. I love to hear from you! In addition to session packages I'm also available for classes, workshops, retreats, and gatherings teaching on developing a personal practice, team building, empowerment, tantra, angelic connection, yoga, meditation, and all things divine.