Hello, I’m Jenica Lake. I am here to guide you in awakening your inner voice and bringing alignment to your body, mind, and spirit. By using crystal reiki, channeling, and the power of voice, I can assist you in returning to a unified sense of self, restoring your natural energy and well-being.

I work as a consultant for people, businesses and land. We work with the emotional body together, through the channel of reiki, to heal to the root of trauma, freeing the energetic self of painful memories and integrating the self still caught in trauma within the body. It is a transformation of energy from grief to joy, shame to empowered creative, distress to confidence, fear to love.


If you have questions about any of my offerings or you want to book a session, please get in touch. I love to hear from you! In addition to session packages I'm also available for classes, workshops, retreats, and gatherings teaching on developing a personal practice, team building, empowerment, tantra, angelic connection, yoga, meditation, and all things divine.